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Electronics manufacturing services for Defense Contractors and Industrial OEMs.

Cable assembly, wire harness, box build and system integration manufacturing services for power, communication, electrical and electronic applications.

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Our Services

MRO is a manufacturer of high quality custom connectivity solutions for clients throughout North America and around the world.

Cable Assemblies

Whether you need a simple coax cable assembly or a rugged overmolded mil-spec cable assembly, MRO has the capability to manufacture your design reliably and within your budget.

  • Coax cable assemblies
  • Technical cable assemblies
  • Mil-spec cable assemblies

Wiring Harnesses

From simple to highly complex, we have the experience you need when it comes to wiring harnesses. We provide manufacturing for defense contractors across air, land and sea platforms, and currently work with several prime contractors.

  • Mil-spec wire harnesses
  • High complexity design manufacturing
  • Air, Land and Sea platform solution provider

Box Builds

Box builds including PCB installation, subassemblies, and full cabinets with up to 1000 connections. We work with both client provided enclosures and provide a range of enclosure product lines, depending on your needs.

  • Full box builds with up to 1000 connections each
  • Rack and panel wiring
  • Control panels and system integrations

What our clients have to say.

MRO has consistently met our strict specifications, challenging requirements and aggressive lead times. Our Military Spec Cable Assemblies require superior manufacturing techniques, not common in conventional cable assembly manufacturing. MRO has the required experience and capabilities for our Military Specifications and complex designs.

Effective communication is MRO’s strongest point. Particularly, openness to listen.

Recently, we introduced MRO to some of our end customers. The key takeaway was that they were impressed with MRO’s understanding and execution of the customers’ complex designs.

MRO has become an integral part of our success by effectively delivering tight schedule requirements, from large orders to small design verification's. On time and with a high level of quality.

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada

Clients we are proud to work with.

About MRO

We are a full service electronics manufacturer for defense contractors, industrial OEMs and other companies looking for high quality cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and box builds. Our specialty is in highly complex, mission critical applications and harsh environments. We also offer value added services including inventory management, design consultation and prototyping.

Wholesale Electronic Component Supplier

MRO provides component items ranging from antennas, connectors, enclosures, to test equipment and tools.


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Improve Lead Times With Your Custom Assembly Manufacturer

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Are your cable assemblies over-engineered?

An over-engineered cable assembly can increase lead times and drive up costs. Working with your manufacturer to look for design opportunities and component substitutions can help mitigate these issues.

Case Studies

Detecting gravity waves - the CHIME telescope project

The CHIME radio telescope was under construction at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in British Columbia, Canada and and required specialized cable assemblies with high signal velocity capabilities.

Developing a rugged cable assembly for seismic data

A client had two challenges for us to solve. The first was a torque problem due to the wear and tear from movement during use of the cable assembly. The second was from local camels that had wandered into the area and were chewing through the cable assemblies.