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All Sectors Served by MRO Electronics

electronic solutions customized for different industries

High quality manufacturing is no accident—it requires a dedicated and disciplined effort to produce cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, and box builds that meet and exceed our client’s expectations, industry standards, regulatory requirements, and can be relied upon in mission critical environments.

MRO industry certifications 2
Aerospace cable assemblies main 1


Earning the AS9100 Certification for Aerospace, MRO produces the highest of quality, 100% Canadian manufactured complex wire harnesses and overmolded cable assemblies.

Adhering to stringent standards and utilizing expert level industry knowledge is the perfect combination that allows us to deliver near perfect electronic solutions manufacturing services as a trusted supplier.

Defense wire Harness Main


The defense market has some of the toughest compliance regulations in the world. If military products don’t perform as expected, people’s lives can be at risk. We are an experienced military complex wire harness manufacturer that understands the importance of regulations and standards, quality management, compliance, security, and confidentiality. We are a registered CGP and NCAGE company and are certified under the US/Canada Joint Certification Program.

MRO HP Agriculture Cable Harness main


In the agriculture industry, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and box builds serve as essential components for the seamless integration of technology into modern farming practices. MRO keeps you connected by powering various types of agricultural equipment, such as sensors, GPS systems, and machinery controls. Designed to withstand the challenging environmental conditions of farms, these assemblies contribute to the efficiency of precision agriculture by ensuring reliable communication and power distribution. Our durable construction and tailored configurations enable farmers to optimize their operations, monitor crop health, and enhance overall productivity in today’s technologically-driven agricultural landscape.

MRO HP Film Broadcasting cable assemblies main

Film & Broadcasting

The Film & Broadcasting industry has a great need for reliable wire harnesses and cable assemblies. These critical products play a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication and power distribution within complex audiovisual setups. MRO meticulously provides streamlined solutions for interconnecting various devices such as cameras, microphones, and control panels. Wire harnesses contribute to the overall efficiency of production by reducing clutter, preventing signal interference, and facilitating quick and secure connections. As the industry constantly evolves with technological advancements, MRO customizes wire harnesses that are essential for meeting the specific needs of intricate setups, enhancing reliability, and maintaining the high-quality transmission of audio and video signals.

MRO HP Forestry Cable Assembly main


Remote locations, often in harsh conditions, are a major challenge for connectivity in the Forestry industry. Manufactured to withstand the rugged and challenging conditions of forestry environments, MRO assemblies contribute to the efficiency of operations by ensuring reliable power distribution and communication. Customized configurations enable the forestry sector to leverage technology for improved resource management, monitoring, and overall operational effectiveness in this dynamic and technologically evolving field. We have experience providing rugged overmolded cable assemblies designed to withstand abrasion, impact, torque, chemicals, and other hazards found in plants and forestry equipment, including preventing pest damage.

MRO HP Medical cable assemblies main


The functionality of sophisticated medical devices and equipment in the Medical industry rely heavily on exceptionally manufactured cable assemblies and wire harnesses. MRO keeps you connected to medical instruments, diagnostic tools, and imaging systems. Precision is paramount in this field, and customized wire harnesses ensure reliable transmission of data and power, contributing to the seamless operation of life-saving devices. The need for compact and organized designs not only aids in reducing the risk of interference, but also facilitates ease of maintenance, making them essential components in the intricate landscape of healthcare technology.

Mining Cable Assembly main


In today’s mining industry, reliable connectivity solutions are essential. Notably, abrasion, vibration, tension, and cut-throughs can cause frequent damage, ultimately leading to costly downtime. At MRO, we understand the importance of keeping your operation running smoothly, even in the harshest conditions. As a result, our team with years of experience, provides rugged cable assemblies for a range of applications, including vertical and horizontal power feeds, data acquisition, onboard systems, seismic telemetry, sensors, cameras, proximity transducers, GPS antennas, and other devices. You can count on us to deliver the dependable connectivity solutions that your mining operation needs to thrive.

MRO HP Oil Gas Cable Assembly main

Oil & Gas

We have a proven track record of providing connectivity solutions for a wide range of oilfield applications. Specifically, we possess experience in land-based oilfield drilling, well sites, production platforms, offshore drilling, pump rooms, logging systems, measurement-while-drilling, seismic systems, data acquisition, and telemetry, among others. As a result, our solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency and safety, while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

MRO HP renewable energy Cable Assembly main

Renewable Energy

In the renewable energy industry, wire harnesses and cable assemblies play a pivotal role in connecting and powering the intricate components of solar panels, wind turbines, and other sustainable energy systems. Our capabilities enable the seamless transmission of power generated from renewable sources to the electrical grid. Designed to withstand environmental challenges, such as extreme weather conditions, these assemblies contribute to the reliability and efficiency of renewable energy systems. With tailored configurations and durable materials, wire harnesses facilitate the integration of clean energy solutions, ensuring a robust and dependable performance in the evolving landscape of sustainable power generation.

Robotics cable assembly main

Robotics & Automation

Robotics cable assemblies are susceptible to failure due to twisting and turning over thousands of cycles, as well as wear and tear from operating in industrial environments. To minimize downtime, industrial robotics cable assemblies must withstand high torsion and harsh operating conditions. At MRO, we manufacture custom robotics cable assemblies with continuous flex cable that can resist wear and tear, reducing downtime and saving you money. We offer in-house overmolding and tooling, which allows us to provide custom molds tailored to your specific applications and needs, ensuring optimal performance.

MRO HP Telecommunications connectors main


“We wire the wireless” is a statement synomymous with what we do here at MRO. In the telecommunications industry, wire harnesses and cable assemblies are foundational components that enable the seamless transmission of data and signals across vast communication networks. We customize to meet the specific needs of complex setups, these assemblies enhance signal integrity, reduce interference, and contribute to the overall reliability of communication systems. We specialize in providing ruggedized ethernet and other telecommunication cables, including underground and aerial applications. Additionally, we are able to offer a wide selection of antennas for wireless applications. We provide overmolded cable assemblies specifically designed for use in harsh environments.

MRO HP Transportation cable assemblies main


In the transportation industry, excluding automobiles, wire harnesses and cable assemblies are essential components that facilitate efficient communication and power distribution in various modes of transportation. Our harnesses play a critical role in connecting navigation systems, communication devices, lighting, and other electronic components, ensuring the seamless operation and safety of transportation networks. Customized for specific transportation needs, these assemblies enhance reliability and contribute to the overall efficiency of diverse modes of transit.

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