Antenna types for a wide variety of applications

One of mankind’s greatest assets is our large vocabulary making us able to take a thought from one brain and give it to another. We have extended this capability by using sensors to communicate conditions that we could not survive or reach, to control vast amounts of power that we physically cannot muster, and to coordinate other humans for coordinated efforts on both the macro and micro scales. Communication has been done audibly, visually, with wires or fiber optics, and wirelessly. The most convenient is wireless. Wireless communication requires an antenna to both transmit and receive or both.

MRO supplies high-quality Industrial Antennae for Harsh Environment applications. We provide a broad range of RF antenna solutions for:

  • Wi-Fi Dual Band, MIMO
  • Cellular Dual-Band LTE
  • Magmount
  • Springmount
  • Custom Antennas

Our WI-FI DUAL BAND 2.5 and 5GHz antenna have been used in a wide variety of applications from connecting computers in a small building to inter-building Wi-Fi to communications between oil drilling platforms, control rooms, and administrative trailers.

Our CELLULAR DUAL BAND LTE antenna connects where signal levels are marginal. The nearby Rocky Mountains and the remoteness of oil fields here in Alberta make us at MRO aware of the importance of the benefits of a good cellular antenna.

External GPS / GNSS antenna allows reception of more of the satellite constellation with the benefits of faster startup and more accurate results.

Our MAGMOUNT antenna is a very convenient way of using portable equipment without physically altering the bodywork of a vehicle.

For industrial mobile applications, SPRING MOUNT antennas allow traveling through bush and low overhead passageways without damaging it.  Springmount Antennas are proven to be rugged for abusive conditions showing good waterproofing despite all the flexing.

The Manufacturers of our antennas can do CUSTOM antennas by submitting frequency and required power level to us. We can test the SWR up to 6GHz.

Know our Antenna product line.


-Written by CJ Hodgson at MRO Electronics