What to consider when choosing a Coaxial Cable

Our founder has been quoted as saying “MRO services the wired part of wireless.”  Electrical and electronic cables exist to allow electrical energy, signals or data to be moved to

Antenna types for a wide variety of applications

One of mankind’s greatest assets is our large vocabulary making us able to take a thought from one brain and give it to another. We have extended this capability by

Comparable electronic components provide a wider range of options

Exploring Equivalent Electronic Components

Exploring Equivalent Electronic Components When it comes to electronic projects, trusted brands are often the go-to choice for reliability and performance.  However, solely relying on trusted brands may not always

Heat Shrink A Versatile Solution for Various Applications

Unlocking the Power of Heat Shrink In the world of engineering, electronics, wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies, heat shrink is a versatile solution for various applications.  This unassuming tubing

Aerosol Spray Can

Isopropyl Alcohol is a Versatile Solution With Many Different Applications

  Isopropyl Alcohol: The Swiss Army Knife of Chemicals Isopropyl alcohol is a versatile solution with many different applications.  Some of its many uses includes, being powerful disinfectant, a medical

Key Considerations When Choosing a Wire Harness Manufacturing Partner in 2023

Wire Harness Manufacturing Standards If you’re in the market for a wire harness and custom cable assembly manufacturing partner, there are several factors to keep in mind.  While price and

Overmolded Solutions for Quality and Dependability

Overmolding is a Highly Durable and Reliable Solution for Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harness manufacturing.

Cable Harness Manufacturing For Quality and Durability Overmolded solutions are highly durable and reliable options for designing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.  Terminating wires with connectors, PCBs, and other

examples of wire harnesses with custom overmolding examples fanned out to show the connector end options

Design for Supply Chain Success

Supply Chain Performance is More Important Than Ever Planning for supply chain success is critically important to any business, but navigating the supply chain has never been more difficult than

Polyurethane is a Durable cable for Outdoor Industrial Applications

Polyurethane jacketed cable is a very durable solution for a wide range of industrial outdoor applications. Polyurethane, (PUR or PU), has been widely adopted as the cable jacket of choice

MRO Electronic Supply

MRO Supply Chain Solutions and Capabilities

One of the greatest challenges in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses is supply chain management and procurement.  MRO Electronic Supply is proud to have developed solutions that have

MRO Electronic Supply

The MRO Electronic Supply Team

MRO is a manufacturer of high-quality custom connectivity solutions for clients throughout North America and around the world. We know that developing the highest quality product does not happen by

MRO Electronic Supply

MRO Electronic Supply Testing Capabilities

Whether we build the product, or the product is brought to us for a second opinion, MRO Electronic Supply has the equipment and expertise to effectively test your product ensuring