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custom cable assemblies

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choosing excellence in custom cable assembly solutions

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We are an IPC A 610/620 Class 2 and Class 3 focused ems provider.

Whether you need a simple coax/rf cable assembly, rugged overmolded mil-spec cable assembly, or a complex multi-branch shielded wire harness MRO has the capability to manufacture your design reliably and within your budget and on time.

Our clients range in size from SMEs to Multinationals, with orders ranging from a few units to a few hundred thousand. Our specialty is providing rugged, long lasting IPC Class 2 and IPC Class 3 certified cable assemblies.

We provide cable assembly solutions for a wide range of applications, from basic RF cable assemblies to more complex and demanding cables assemblies where performance such as signal velocity and other factors are critical for operation.

our cable assembly examples:

*custom cable assemblies

*molded cable assemblies

*coax cable assemblies

*technical cable assemblies

*RF cable assemblies

*Mil-spec cable assemblies

*Molex cable assemblies

*SMA cable assemblies

*medical cable assemblies

*test cable assemblies

*microwave cable assemblies

*BNC cable assemblies

*industrial cable assemblies

*power cable assemblies

*industrial ethernet cable

*Micro coax cable assemblies

sectors we support

MRO produces custom solutions for almost any sector.

We have an extensive history with a vast array of clientele and have been industry experts for decades.

If your sector is not referenced, please feel free to reach out to us for a consultation/quote opportunity.

Our services cross many industries and we are happy to discuss your project.


Defense Cable Assembly

-Complex builds, stringent requirements and material traceability

-Vehicle and Shipboard electronics, including communication, command and control, and weapons systems

oil & gas

Oil Gas Cable Assembly 2

-Measurement-while-drilling and offshore platform systems

-High complexity assembly – up to 1000 connection per box

-mold tool design & fabrication

-automated and semi-automated cut, strip, crimp, solder, and terminate

-Harsh environments, high wear and tear, pest control, extreme weather from heat to frozen


Mining Cable Assembly main

-Vehicle electronics, including data acquisition

-Excavation equipment power and communications

-Harsh environments, high wear and tear


Robotics cable assembly main

-High torsion and repeated movements

-Flexible cables and segmented design

-Harsh environment options

why MRO?

reliability is your first priority. ours too.

MRO value added services


We provide our clients with first in class support, tailored to your company’s unique procurement processes. We can assist you with ordering, ECNs, prototyping, order tracking and expediting. We have experience working with large defense primes and are able to accommodate documentation validation and other process related requirements.

Customer support


Kits – we can kit your order with any number of extra components, all tagged and labeled according to your requirements.

KANBAN/Stocking Agreements to allow for JIT delivery/emergency fulfillment.

inventory management


We pride ourselves on identifying issues with reliability and performance before production. First article prototypes help lower production costs by testing the design before mass production.

First Article inspection MRO website


We advise on design and component selection to reduce cost and speed up lead times. We value excellent client support as a key component of our business and work regularly with engineers and procurement teams to provide innovative solutions and ideas to support their needs.

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cable assembly case studies

pest control solutions for cable assembly camel
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rugged cable assembly – the SEISMIC DATA solution

Our client had searched for a company who could provide solutions to two challenges. Their first challenge was a torque issue due to wear and tear from movement during use of the cable assembly. The second challenge they faced was from local camels that were chewing through the cable assemblies. They needed something that supported pest control. See more about how we helped them…

CHIME telescope project at night
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detecting gravity waves – the CHIME telescope project

The CHIME radio telescope was under construction at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory in British Columbia, Canada. Specialized cable assemblies with high signal velocity capabilities were required. See more about how we proudly supported this project…

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