A client had two challenges for us to solve. The first was a torque problem due to the wear and tear from movement during use of the cable assembly. The second was from local camels that had wandered into the area and were chewing through the cable assemblies.

We had a client with a non-molded cable assembly with a pull test strength of 50 lbs. The cable assembly was around 50 feet long. This assembly was connected from the top of a tower to ground level and was used to send seismic data from the job site up the tower to an antenna to be sent back to headquarters. The torque caused by constant moving and pulling on the cable from the ground lead to the cable assembly falling apart. The client came to us seeking a custom solution to their problem. Working with the client, we developed a custom crimping method that when combined with a custom mold, increased the pull strength from 50 lbs to 150 lbs—exceeding all industry standards and solving the problem for the client.

This same client then returned to us with a new challenge. Camels in the areas around some towers were chewing through the cable assemblies. Could we do something about that as well? We updated the design to include steel braiding as the outer jacket, making it too tough for camels to chew through and solving another client challenge.