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General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada delivers advanced system solutions to Canadian and international customers. Headquartered in Ottawa, it is one of the largest defense and security companies in Canada and is a world-class prime contractor and systems integrator for military and public safety applications.

Client Testimony

MRO has consistently met our strict specifications, challenging requirements and aggressive lead times. Our Military Spec Cable Assemblies require superior manufacturing techniques, not common in conventional cable assembly manufacturing. MRO has the required experience and capabilities for our Military Specifications and complex designs.

Effective communication is MRO’s strongest point. Particularly, openness to listen.

Recently, we introduced MRO to some of our end customers. The key takeaway was that they were impressed with MRO’s understanding and execution of the customers’ complex designs.

MRO has become an integral part of our success by effectively delivering tight schedule requirements, from large orders to small design verification's. On time and with a high level of quality.