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custom box builds

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complex box builds by MRO

From Defense clients, to OEMs, organizations come to us with everything from complex to simple box builds.
We are a custom box manufacturer that combines your design, quality workmanship, and exceptional value.

From start to finish, MRO is a step up from their competitors. We have outstanding supply chain management and we are also a wire harness and cable assembly manufacturer as well as parts distributor aficionados. We are experts in all components needed for box building, with over 30 years in this industry.

We can manufacture a wide range of box builds, including PCB installation, subassemblies, and full cabinets with up to 1000 connections. We work with both client provided enclosures, and provide a range of enclosure product lines, depending on your needs.

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We offer:

-full box builds with up to 1000 connections each

-Rack and panel wiring

-Control panels and system integrations

box build requirements:

-electrical schematic

-drawings of the assembly

-bill of materials

-test of specifications

-a prototype

MRO services:


-expert product assembly

-expert quality control


-100% testing

-protective packaging

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