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custom overmolding

increase reliability with customized injection molding services from MRO

MRO manufactures custom overmolded cable assemblies that deliver reliable and durable solutions for complex interconnect problems in challenging environments, made to withstand the forces of nature. 

Our cables are built extremely tough to resist crushing, shearing, cold weather, salt spray, petro chemicals, mud and grime, severe shocks, abrasion, tension, vibrations, extreme heat, water exposure, sun exposure and
continual flexing without breaking down.

With thousands in our tooling library and many manufacturing materials, our capabilities are unsurpassed. Offering these types of value added services and customizations is just one of the reasons why MRO is unique from other manufacturing companies offering electronic solutions.

We have various in-house CNC machines, including Haas and Hurco, as well as injection mold machines such as multiple Yuhdak, Moldman, and Morgan-Press. Because of this, we are able to offer our clients complete custom and cost effective options to ensure dependable connections in the field.

MRO overmolding
working together for a solution

Our collaborative approach ensures that your custom overmolded cable assemblies are exactly what you need, with quality that will stand the test of time. 

We work directly with each client, selecting the right connectors and cable, designing the mold tooling and problem solving for unique solutions to challenging applications.

MRO custom overmolding

-we are IP68 rated and capable of operating in -40C to +85C

-we offer oil and chemical resistant options that are extremely tough and flexible

-our products withstand shock, vibration, direct impact and continual flexing, without damage to the termination point

-we offer branded or identifier custom options by using CNC precision tooling that allows for the inclusion of an embossed or pad printed personalization on the overmold itself

our overmolding colour options

MRO offers an array of in-stock colour options for overmolding.

Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Dark Green, Light Green, Grey, Orange,
Black, White, Tan, and Brown are all in-stock options.

In addition to colour selection, we can personalize your overmolding with brand logos, or identifiers specific per project.

We also do custom colour options, with minumum order quantities respected.

For more information:

our custom cable assemblies with overmolding

*Ask us about custom work for your next project*

-Custom cable assemblies
-Molded cable assemblies
-Data Acquisition cable assemblies
-RF/Coax cable assemblies
-Mil-spec cable assemblies
-Subsea cable assemblies
-Test cable assemblies
-Military Vehicle assemblies
-Light Armoured Vehicle assemblies
– Radar assemblies

-Harsh Environment cable assemblies
-Power, Control and Signal cable assemblies
-Industrial ethernet cable assemblies
-Micro coax cable assemblies
-MWD cable assemblies
-Tactical cable assemblies|
-Multimode Cable assemblies
-Surveillance assemblies
-Remote Monitoring assemblies
-M12 assemblies
-USB assemblies

our overmolding is proven in many sectors, including:

overmolded cable

Defense overmolding main

MRO is a reliable partner for prime contractors in the defense industry. We provide electronic manufacturing services for custom overmolded cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and other command and control electronic systems to our defense partners across North America and Europe.  Specializing in wire harnesses for Military vehicles including Light Armoured vehicles, Armoured Tactical vehicles and Troop Carriers.

We work closely with our defense contractor partners to overcome the unique challenges this industry faces.

We have successfully worked with clients to develop solutions for:

-Highly complex builds with up to one thousand connections per unit
-Rugged custom molds for vehicle harnesses and molded “T” adapters for efficient routing
-Test Rack wiring for communications centres
-Tight signal propagation specification requirements
-Weight reduction and improving durability
-High torque and repetitive motions
-Shielding for signal performance and clarity
-Complex shielded multi-branch wire harnesses
-Panel wiring for weapons systems on Naval Vessels
-Overmolded cable assemblies for advanced short range radar
-Overmolded cables for drone defence systems
-Overmolded cables for wearable soldier systems
-Overmolded cables for wearable K9 reconnaissance units
-Overmolded cables for breaching systems
-Overmolded cables for field medic systems including respirators and ventilators


Special projects Main

Our custom overmolding capabilities are used in many industries for a vast array of applications, including: special security projects, communication systems on Oil & Gas rigs, data vans, computer systems on mining trucks, remote monitoring for farms and forestry, surveillance cameras for law enforcement, electronic systems for military vehicles and Naval ships, asset monitoring and tracking for the transportation industry, radar for drone defence systems, torque guns for wind turbines, solar installations, continuous flex cables for robots, wearable cables for soldier systems and K9 surveillance units, antenna cables for science and exploration, avionics and more.

oil & gas
overmolded cable

Oil Gas overmolded cable

We have worked extensively with Oil and Gas clients to provide overmolded cable assemblies and custom antenna solutions that are rugged and able to withstand hazardous Class 1 Div 2 environments.  Our in-house overmolding team has worked with many clients to produce hundreds of thousands of custom molds to increase durability and solve the unique problems found throughout land and sea rigs.  Our machine shop team can make molds from start to finish, exactly to your needs, in a matter of days.  We also have an extensive selection of durable jacket options including polyurethane, thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic rubber, teflon and many more.  Our cables are built to withstand abrasion, extreme heat, water ingress, blunt force impact, extreme cold, continuous flex, vibration, extreme pull force, EMI, rough handling, chemicals, oil, pests, and more.

We have extensive experience providing overmolded connectivity solutions for land-based oilfield drilling, well sites, production platforms, offshore drilling, pump rooms, pump jacks, logging systems, data vans, measurement-while-drilling, seismic systems, data acquisition and telemetry, oilfield service, Rig Communications and more.


Robotics cable assembly main

Robotics cable assemblies are at risk of failure due to twisting and turning over the course of hundreds of thousands of cycles, as well as the wear that comes from operating in industrial environments. To reduce downtime, industrial robotics cable assemblies need to be able to withstand high torsion and harsh operating conditions. At MRO, we manufacture custom robotics cable assemblies with continuous flex cable and special strain relief overmolded connections that resists wear and tear—reducing downtime and saving you money.

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