MRO Electronic Supply knows our clients have options.
So why choose MRO? We believe you should choose us because we know that it is essential to choose the right supplier when placing an order for a large quantity of products or a small custom order. You are expecting the highest quality products possible, and MRO will deliver that. We provide dependable products because we live by the following three rules.

There are three parameters to dependable products:

High quality materials

MRO Electronic Supply has been producing quality electronic products for clients across sectors and around the world for nearly three decades. Over thirty years we have established global supply chain relationships and have long term relationships with our vendors. These relationships allow us to guarantee the quality of our products. We know what electronics materials we are working with and we trust out suppliers.

Accuracy and precision

MRO achieves industry leading accuracy and precision through our in-house design process and in-house tooling and molding process. Coupling our control of the supply chain with our in-house capabilities allows us to produce exactly what the client is looking for. We remove as many unknowns as possible from the process, developing and manufacturing your electronics in-house.

Speed and on time delivery

When it comes to speed, MRO Electronic Supply is prepared to manufacture large volume orders and custom orders, on time for mission critical projects. As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, manufacturers across sectors are struggling to manage their supply chains and are failing to meet their delivery obligations. MRO has global import / export capabilities and the ECCN requirements for US based clients. Our recently updated procedures to comply with CUSMA (Formerly NAFTA) ensure we are prepared to import and export electronic components globally and can handle all regulatory requirements from commercial documentation to certificates of origin. Finally, we have long term relationships with major carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc), dedicated 3rd party logistics support for brokerage and customs issues, and emergency global air freight services for mission critical orders.

To learn more about how MRO Electronic Supply is delivering quality products for our clients visit:


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