MS25042-22D W/CHAIN / MS25042-22D

MS25042 22 D PIC FRONT
  • MRO Part # MS25042-22D
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Product Info

MS25042-22D W/CHAIN / MS25042-22D

MS25042-22D W/CHAIN Type Threaded Dust Cap #22 Built Following MIL-DTL-5015 Guidelines

Fits Plugs (MS3106 and similar)

Product Specifications

Manufacture Name Not Specified
Manufacture Part Number MS25042-22D
Connector Specification MIL-C-5015 Type
Connector Style Protective Cap
Shell Size #22
Insert Gender N/A
Insert Layout N/A
Number of Contacts N/A
Contact Gender N/A
Contact Type N/A
End Bell N/A
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Shell Plating Chromate
Shell Colour Olive Drab
Country of Origin Unknown
RoHS Status Non-Compliant