MRO Electronics is dedicated to the success of our employees and value what they bring to the company every single day! Follow along with our staff feature blog series, as we highlight some of MRO’s amazing employees!

Introducing Ruan Pienaar, who is the production co-ordinator at MRO! Ruan has been working with MRO since February 2020 and says “my favourite thing about working at MRO is that I feel like part of the family. The open-door policy that management has is extremely helpful and boosts employee morale. I love the fact that I can always pop into our managers’ offices for a quick chat, whether it’s about work or pleasure.” Ruan goes on to say, “we are not being micromanaged, but rather given an opportunity to show that we can do our work autonomously and we are given the chance to excel in our jobs by bringing forth our own ideas and recommendations. I always brag to my friends and family about how welcome I feel at the office and how well I am treated.” Outside of work, Ruan’s favourite hobby is motor racing on closed circuits! Ruan did motorcycle racing between the ages of 19 and 23 and started racing two stroke powered go-karts in the Rotax Max Challenge between the ages 23 to 28. Fun fact – there is a karting circuit here in Strathmore, not far from MRO, that many people do not know of! As a relatively “new” Canadian, Ruan says that their favourite place that they have travelled to is Lake Louise. “The mountains are absolutely breathtaking; South Africa has its beauty and the warm ocean, but nothing compares to the Rocky Mountains.” When asked, Ruan said that picking a favourite movie is a tough question! “I am a big fan of fantasy/adventure movies that helps me escape the real world for a couple of hours… I cannot pick just one, but I would say Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and any of the Middle-Earth films would be up in the top ranks.”

Written by MRO Electronics on Apr. 14, 2021