One of the greatest challenges in manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses is supply chain management and procurement.  MRO Electronic Supply is proud to have developed solutions that have enabled us to continue providing quality custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for our clients.  We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients.  Three very important elements that contribute to our ability to maintain our commitment to excellence include our innovative shipping capabilities, our long-term global relationships with vendors, and our world-class facilities.

Keep reading to learn more about how MRO Electronic Supply has been able to continue providing our customers with innovative and collaborative solutions to global challenges, amid worldwide supply chain gridlocks.

Electronic Manufacturing Shipping Capabilities

MRO Electronic Supply offers global import and export capabilities for our clients across North American and Europe. This means that we can import and export electronic components globally and can handle all regulatory requirements from commercial documentation to certificates of origin, that we meet all ECCN requirements experienced for US based clients, and that our procedures are continually updated to comply with CUSPA (Formerly NAFTA).

Additionally, MRO Electronic Supply has maintained long term relationships with major carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc), we offer dedicated 3rd party logistics support for brokerage and customs issues, and that we are capable of emergency global air freight services for mission critical orders.

Electronic Manufacturing Vendors

After nearly 30 years in business MRO Electronic Supply is proud to have built well established relationships with multiple vendors from around the world. We have established long-standing relationships with vendors and partner with them to use redundant manufacturing materials. We also have relationships that allow us to source single source materials for projects where required. Our vendors include a combination of US, Canadian and International partners, allowing for a more resilient variety to select from depending on market changes and gridlocks.

World-class Electronic Supply Facilities and Operations

MRO Electronic Supply has established a variety of facility and operations that total nearly 35,100 sq ft. These facilities include:

  • Calgary Manufacturing Headquarters – 27,500 sq ft
  • Edmonton Manufacturing – 4800 sq ft
  • Vancouver – 3500 sq ft Showroom and Offices

The operational space and capability that have been developed across Western Canada by MRO, provide us with the capability to deliver quality products and services to our clients across North America and Europe. This combination of faculties and our global relationships with vendors have allowed MRO to stay on budget and on time for our clients throughout challenging global circumstances.

To learn more about how MRO Electronic Supply can support your next project by delivering quality manufacturing on time and on budget, please contact us today!


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