Cable Harness Manufacturing For Quality and Durability

Overmolded solutions are highly durable and reliable options for designing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.  Terminating wires with connectors, PCBs, and other electronic components can create weaknesses in the assembly, but overmolding reinforces these areas against water ingress, shearing, shorting, abrasion, cutting, crushing, and tearing.  Additionally, a custom-designed overmolded solution can offer special features and benefits. For example, flexible strain relief molds allow cables to bend and flex as needed without damaging the cable jacket or individual wires. Moreover, low-profile right-angle overmolds enable connections in tight spaces.  Overmolding is also the most robust way to encapsulate and protect splice points, T junctions, Y junctions, and wire harness breakouts. It’s also an ideal way to encapsulate delicate electronics like antennas, PCBs, RF IDs, sensors, and ferrite cores.

Overmolding for Remote Applications

When it comes to wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies used in remote locations, overmolding offers the best protection.   The cost of down time and having to replace a wire harness or custom cable assembly in a remote area can be very expensive.   Therefore, investing in the highest quality, most durable option is the best way to ensure this doesn’t’ happen.  Applications with remote monitoring operations should always specify overmolding for custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.  Whenever a custom cable assembly or wire harness, fails it’s time to review if overmolding is a viable solution to avoid such incidents in the future.

Additional Benefits of Overmolding Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses.

Overmolding custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses provides several significant benefits for branding and identification purposes. The process allows company logos to be printed onto the molded surfaces or engraved onto the mold tooling for an embossed finish. Using different colors for overmolding is another excellent way to uniquely identify cables and make them stand out. Furthermore, adding gripping features to a molded end can make it easier to handle when mating and unmating connections. Therefore, it’s worth considering overmolding your cable assemblies and wire harnesses to take advantage of these branding and identification benefits.  Contact MRO today to discuss if overmolding is a good option for your next project.


For more information about Overmolding: Overmolding




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