Polyurethane jacketed cable is a very durable solution for a wide range of industrial outdoor applications.

Polyurethane, (PUR or PU), has been widely adopted as the cable jacket of choice for industries like defense, oilfield, mining, and law enforcement due to its durability, flexibility, operating temperature, water resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and resistance to chemicals.  PU cable is a very rugged cable perfect for outdoor applications.


Industry Examples

The oilfield uses PU cable for data logging, monitoring, and communications equipment, driving wellsite optimization, safety and environmental focus.   The mining industry uses PU cable to power, control and collect data for fleet management, dispatching, safety, machine guidance and reporting. Law enforcement uses PU cable with vehicle mounted and fixed location cameras, for licence plate recognition and remote monitoring.  Correctional facilities have long struggled to clamp down on contraband smuggled in via commercial drones.   Advanced 3D radar systems connected using PU cable can detect, track and help intercept these aerial threats.  Polyurethane cable with a black matte finish is a top choice for defence field operations because it easily blends in, so as not to give away tactical positions.


Features and Benefits

One of the key benefits of PU jacketed cables is the high level of flexibility.  PU is excellent for applications requiring tight bends and twists, such as in robotics, machinery, and automation systems. Polyurethane cables also have excellent abrasion resistance, which means they can withstand rough usage and rough handling without suffering damage. PU jacketed cables are also highly resistant to salts, water and chemicals such as oils and solvents.

Another advantage of having a durable PU cable for outdoor applications is their resistance to temperature. PU cables operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, making them suitable for use in a wide range of environments, from the icy mountain top weather stations in Alberta to the baking hot oilfields of Texas. PU jacketed cables are also resistant to UV light and ozone, so they will maintain their physical properties even with long-term outdoor deployments where exposure to sunlight and ozone is a concern.  Polyurethane cable is also recyclable making it an overall outstanding choice while working towards a more sustainable future.


Learn more about Polyurethane cable including applications tips.

Polyurethane Cable Application Tips

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