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Outdoor Rated Multi-Conductor Cable

MRO has a large variety of ultra tough outdoor rated, industrial multi-conductor Cable in stock. We focus primarily on polyurethane jacketed cable, but also stock SOOW, SJOW, TPE, PVC and Teflon jacketed cable. Our stock includes combinations with various different wire gauge sizes, twisted pairs, individually shielded pairs, overall foil shield and drain wire, braided shield, solid core, and stranded core wires.  MRO has Outdoor rated cable for continuous flex applications. Durable Outdoor rated cable for harsh environments. Industrial cable to withstand high operating temperature and low operating temperatures. Oil resistant outdoor rated cable, chemical resistant outdoor rated cable, salt spray resistant and UV resistant outdoor rated cable. MRO has composite multi-conductor cable solutions for remote monitoring and onboard computer screens, including USB, CAT5e, CAT6, POE (Power Over Ethernet). We also support custom cable designs to meet our customers exact specifications and requirements. Our focus is on extremely tough, cold rated, outdoor rated, industrial cable solutions for the toughest environments and applications.

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