MRO Part # FLL100A


Functionally equivalent to LMR100A, RG174 and RG316 in lower temperature situations. This RF cable is usable anywhere a small flexible coax is needed such as GPS, WLAN, or mobile antennas. A thin, flexible coaxial cable of 50 ohms impedance. The center conductor is copper clad steel of 0.46mm (0.018 inches), the dielectric is solid polyethylene, the shield is bonded aluminum foil with a tinned copper braid, and has a UV resistant black PVC jacket of 2.54mm (0.1 inches) OD. The temperature range is 40 to +85 C (40 to +185 F). The propagation factor (velocity factor) is 66%, the impedance is 50 ohms, the capacitance is 101 pf/m.

Datasheet: FLL100A


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