P2C20-1CAT6SS-NQ, Polyurethane Multi Conductor Outdoor Cable 2 conductor 20AWG, 1 CAT6 stranded shielded core

MRO Part # P2C20-1CAT6SS-NQ

Outdoor rated PoE multi-conductor cable with black polyurethane jacket, 2 conductors, 20Awg, and a CAT6 with foil shielding core


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Product Specifications

Jacket Type PU (Polyurethane)
Number of Pairs 4
Gauge of Pairs 24
Number of Conductors 2
Gauge of Conductors 20AWG
Shield Type Aluminum Foil
Low Temp Rating -40c
High Temp Rating 80c
Cable OD (Inches) 0.4-0.5