For nearly three decades MRO Electronic Supply has been providing high quality, custom, connectivity solutions to our valued clients across North America and around the world. We have put in place a series of critical processes related to quality control, ensuring that MRO is providing our clients with electronic manufacturing and electronic product development, that they can rely on. MRO Electronic Supply offers every client tailored client support that reflects the unique procurement processes of each different client, across sectors. To learn more about the services MRO provides, ensuring the delivery of quality products, keep reading.

Quality and exceptional customer service to the industry

At MRO we know that high quality manufacturing is no accident, it is the result of quality assurance practices, processes, and certifications. At MRO Electronic Supply, we produce wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and box builds that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients from a variety of industries. We believe that our clients should be able to rely on us and know that we can support them in mission critical environments. This is why all materials and components produced or utilized by MRO are thoroughly inspected for quality and conformity before they ever enter our manufacturing supply chain. Each individual cable assembly, wiring harness and box build that are produced by MRO undergo 100% testing before shipping. MRO Electronic testing and inspection capabilities include testing for flex/bend, pull/tensile strength, low voltage, high-pot AC/DC, component value, and bonding testing.

Electronics Assembly Services

As a high mix/low to high volume electronics manufacturer, MRO are capable of providing services for a wide range of electromechanical interconnections including both low and high volumes. When it comes to time sensitive projects, MRO Electronic Supply is prepared to provide rapid turnover for full production. Not only will MRO turn your project around on time, but we will meet or exceed all industry standards, offering our clients industry specific certification that meet regulatory requirements.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

One of MRO’s greatest differentiators is our ability to manufacture products with in-house custom molding and tooling. By offering in-house cable molding and custom tooling capabilities, MRO can reduce turnaround time for our clients. We also provide our clients with both low-pressure and highpressure injection molding for all cable assemblies and PCBs.

Custom Cable Assembly Services

At MRO our in-house molding and tooling capabilities, coupled with our in-house CAD operators, allows us to offer our valued clients with custom solutions. In-house CAD operators allow is to manage your custom projects from drawing creations and updates to custom CNC tooling. The expertise of our inhouse team ensures our custom projects are delivered on time at the highest quality possible.

To learn more about MRO Electronic Supply’s commitment to quality manufacturing and services visit:


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