We specialize in manufacturing rugged solutions for harsh environments and mission critical applications. With over 25 years of experience, we are a manufacturer you can rely on.

Over the last twenty-five years we have learned that manufacturing prototype parts is one thing; but manufacturing at a high production rate, at top quality manufacturing for prototypes and large orders, is quite another. Keep reading to learn more about how MRO Electronic Supply can support your next custom product or large order.

Quality requirements for prototypes

MRO Electronic Supply are able to provide First Articles and Prototypes for your review before proceeding to a larger production run. Our NPI (New Product Integration) team is able to assist with optimizations for high volume runs, to decrease the turnaround time needed to produce each unit.

Design and detection in prototypes

MRO has modern ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facilities, with automated production, rigid quality control management, and IPC certified trainers and applications specialists with years of experience.

Our quality control testing includes, first cut inspections, pull testing, first piece inspections, pre-mold inspection and testing, and final inspection and testing. We are committed to ensuring that your prototype or large order is of the highest quality.

Why does material selection matter?

At MRO we have our own in-house CNC and Overmolding Department which allows us to develop durable custom molds of the highest possible quality with faster turnaround times. Our molding team has years of experience working with high and low pressure molds that are destined for harsh environments. We have solved problems for our clients ranging from high torque and tension, corrosive materials, and even camels chewing through cables.

No matter what industry you are working in, MRO Electronic Supply is prepared to develop and manufacture a solution for you!

The importance of tight quality control in large orders

When conditions are at their worst, equipment still needs to work. Power still needs to flow. Data still needs to be transferred. Information still needs to be communicated. We meet these challenges head on and enable our clients to work with confidence in any situation.

Whether your order is a one-time custom prototype or a large order, MRO Electronic Supply is committed to ensure the highest quality possible by managing our supply chain and production process.

Applying lean principles to the manufacturing process for large orders

MRO Electronic Supply Ltd is proud to provide top quality manufacturing for prototypes and large orders. We have experience in custom, one-time solutions, and in large or high-volume orders. With a total of 35,100 sq ft of office and production facility, MRO is positioned to take on every project. Our Calgary Headquarters is over 28,000 sq ft, with 3000 sq ft Showroom and Offices and 9000 sq ft Production Area and Warehouse. The Calgary, Alberta, location also includes, 9000 sq ft of High Security Production Area, and a 3500 sq ft Molding and CNC Shop. Additionally, we have offices and showrooms in Edmonton and Vancouver. While we pride ourselves on developing solutions for complex problems, we are also prepared to take on large, high-volume projects.

To learn more about our custom projects and high-volume capabilities, or to speak to a member of our team please email: sales@mroelectronics.com.


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