Which industries use the vertically integrated approach and why?

Vertical integration is used across industries and is not a new concept. In fact, one the largest companies in the world, Apple, uses this approach. Not only does Apple sell products such as computers, tablets, and phones, but they control their manufacturing, distribution, sales, and software development.

While we will admit MRO is not Apple, the concept and approach is the same. We develop, design, manufacture and distribute our products. This allows MRO Electronic Supply to have near complete control over the quality and service our customers receive.

Vertically Integrated Manufacture: how this process is integrated to obtain optimum products

MRO Electronic Supply Ltd controls nearly the entire supply chain required for the production of quality electronic supplies.

For nearly 30 years MRO Electronic Supply has been evolving and developing a solid foundational supply chain and integrated manufacturing process for electronic supplies. Over the last decades we have established relationships with multiple vendors from around the world, eliminating redundant vendors for many manufacturing materials. We have also developed the necessary relationships for single source vendors for projects where required. These vendors are a mix of US, Canadian and International vendors, making them more resilient to market changes.

When it comes to shipping, MRO Electronic Supply offers global import and export capabilities. We have the capability to import and export electronic components globally and can handle all regulatory requirements from commercial documentation to certificates of origin. MRO Electronic Supply exceeds ECCN requirements for US based clients and the updated procedures to comply with CUSPA (Formerly NAFTA).

MRO Electronic supply also has emergency global air freight services for mission critical orders.

Production: how integration is utilized

At MRO Electronic Supply we know that our reputation is only as good as the quality of our product and the level of service we provide for our customers. We have developed a vertically integrated manufacturing approach that encompasses every element of our work and ensures we can achieve the highest quality and service for our clients no matter what!

To learn more about our vertically integrated manufacturing approach, or to speak to a member of our team please email: sales@mroelectronics.com.


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